Sahne Bugbee and Paris Gables.

“This is the person you need to warn your children about.” - Queen Latifah on Shane Bugbee


Though he’s been living most of the last two years ignoring the world “out in the woods,” Shane Bugbee has raised some hell in his time. The 38-year old first amendment advocate has been self-employed in the world of entertainment for decades as a communication entrepreneur.

His beginning wasn’t easy by any means. Physically abused at home and kicked out of four different Chicago schools - both public and Catholic, Shane was a high school dropout by age 16. But then he found a creative outlet by creating a ‘zine called “Naked Aggression.” His wife Amy has gone as far as to say, “Shane published an angry ‘zine rather than shooting up his school.”

That phase in his life ended when he was paid a visit from the secret service after publishing G.G. Allin’s request to fans that they kill the president. Soon there after, Shane became a music promoter and by 1986, he was the man behind Mike Hunt Publishing.

Through the years, Shane and his wife have published books, ‘zines, CDs, videos and DVD’s on a full range of topics. Some of the more high profile items being “Betty Page Uncovered,” a look at the Columbine tragedy with “The Trench Coat Diaries,” a recipe book with convicted murderer Dorthea Puente called simply “Cooking with a Serial Killer” and the works of Mike Diana, the only cartoonist in America that has been convicted of obscenities.

Shane also served shortly as manager for Dana Plato at the end of her career. He was actually talking to the actress better known as Kimberly on “Diff’rent Strokes” on the phone when she died. Later he released the controversial book and CD titled “Dana Plato’s Last Breath.” Other resume highlights for Shane, who has been arrested more than 100 times and at one point was homeless, include organizing the “Milwaukee Metal Fest,” “Expo of the Extreme” and the “Angry White Male Tour.” The latter saw Shane hitting the road with the likes of controversial writer and convicted girlfriend abuser Jim Goad, outrageous cartoonist King Velveeda and the tombstone of Ed Gein. Shane’s also the owner of Radio Free Satan and through the years he’s been involved with other jailed artists such as Jello Biafra with his No-More Censorship Defense Fund and “Bumfights” creator Ryen McPherson with a 24 hour Indecline radio show.

However, of all he’s done, what seems to really get to people is the fact this true crime expert is a priest in the Church of Satan. Shane was ordained by Anton LaVey in 1996.

“I was the last one ordained by LaVey before he died,” Shane told at the AVN Expo. “When that happened I was really honored, but I didn’t give a shit. I don’t care. I don’t want to put a label on me at all. The Church of Satan really is for people that are non-joiners. They don’t want labels. We are individuals.”

Though he’s more of a nonpracticing member of Satanism, that’s essentially what got him ran out of a small town in Minnesota and woke up the beast in him, so to speak.

“I owned a soda pop company,” Shane said. “We were making blueberry soda pop and they found out I happened to be a Satanist. They looked at it on the internet. I don’t tell people, ‘Fuck your god.’ I don’t walk around giving a shit what they think. I’m not like that. They just found out who I am and basically ran me and my wife out of town.”

Around the same time, Shane was talking with musician/pornographer Matt Zane of the band Society 1 and the adult production company Extreme Associates about moving to Los Angeles to work on a few future endeavors. The first being “666 Eve” – an orgy of metal and punk music mixed with bloodletting, pornography and more held in Los Angeles to ring in the unholy holiday of June 6, 2006. The festivities included appearances from Extreme Associates starlet Lizzy Borden, Society 1, Headsick Pinups and essentially a gathering of the evilest of the evil. A DVD documenting the event was dubbed “too hardcore” for many film critics to review. (Something about a penis nailed to a cross. I don’t know. Don’t worry, I have the DVD in hand and will get to it when I can.) The second project Shane had in mind was an adult film. Not just any sex fest, Shane was looking to make a satanic one.

“I was just talking with Matt and I said, ‘Man I’ve always wanted to do this porno’” Shane said. “He’s like, ‘Oh, they’ll never do that in porn.’”

But when he sat down with Matt’s cousin Rob Black, the often prosecuted owner of Extreme Associates, Shane found a new home. With the match made in hell, came a new publication Extreme Times and the film “Club Satan: The Witches Sabbath.” Extreme Times, edited and designed by Shane, made its debut at the expo. Carrying the motto “Stand up for what you believe in,” the free publication promises to touch on the adult industry, extreme art, music and entertainment. The first issue featured a pinup of Lizzy Borden, announcements of upcoming Extreme Associates projects and a “Cooking with Porn Stars” feature with Paris Gables sharing her recipe for devil’s food cup cakes. As for Shane’s directorial debut, it was written by him and his wife and shot in December. It stars Paris and Zane, who also produced, features black metal band Dark Funeral and will be ready for mass consumption in March.

When Shane found out the long list of obscenity charges that have been thrown at Extreme Associates, he knew the black mass erotic masterpiece he had always envisioned wouldn’t be censored by them. Rob Black has been fighting 10 counts of obscenity since 2003. Hundreds of thousands of dollars later, Black is still fighting the case in court; having beat the government once and lost a second time, round three is coming this year. With those charges pending, Extreme Associates heads toward new frontier. A promotional poster for “Club Satan” promises “carnality that most men refuse to believe even exists,” warning “This film is not for the weak, it should be viewed only by the virile and strong.”

“This is the last taboo in porno,” Shane said. “As 70’ish, fun and horrific as it looks, this is one of the last taboos. They don’t mix Satanism and porno. They say this is what the right wingers will go after. This is what they will persecute.”

Shane says the film is essentially horror porn and it’s more of a sarcastic statement than an expression of true Satanism.

“It’s got a lot of blasphemy,” Shane said. “The black mass in the Church of Satan is about exorcising demons. I had never done a mass before at all. I’m a Church of Satan priest that doesn’t really believe in that. But I do have a strong disdain for organized religion of any kind, so it was nice to do the black mass. Stuff like smashing a cross, desecrating and doing blasphemous things kind of gets that stuff out of your system. And it did. It was fun to do as a filmmaker, but it was also fun in general. When I left I felt a lot better.”

There’s no gore in the film. There is some blood, but no ripping people open and tearing out organs or chopping off of limbs.

“Nothing yet. There is a great scene where Paris is covered in blood and shit like that. But maybe in number two,” Shane said in a way I couldn’t really tell if he was joking or not. “We’re doing ‘Bleeding Angels.’ We’re going to be slaughtering angels in the second one.” He laughs and then adds, “I’d love to do that.”

“Club Satan: The Witches Sabbath” is still not your mom and dad’s adult entertainment by any means. Shane said they tried a lot of different things with the project that is said to be of Marquis de Sade proportion.

“Everybody really worked hard on this,” Shane said. “We got on big ladders and shot from far. We did different angles. We spun the cameras around and did really spooky stuff. There’s a great drug trip sequence in there. It’s lit very differently. A lot of pornographers don’t like that about it, but we used gels on some of the scenes to make the girls all red.”

Besides documentaries, Shane said he’s done camera work on a few pornographic films and jokingly threw out the name “Gangbang 500.” Acknowledging he didn’t have a clue what he was doing with this film, Shane said he thinks it turned out well.

“I’ve dabbled in a lot of things,” Shane said. “I’ve never been given such a grandiose opportunity to direct a porno, but Rob said that he thought I had what it took to do it. I’m very hard on myself as far as being a critic and I think what we did with that film is great. And I wouldn’t just say that.”

As for the religion that had him ditching Minnesota for California, Shane says Satanists are born and not really made. He sees it as basically a belief system that has always fit with him.

“I really liked the philosophy and the showmanship,” Shane said. “The whole satanic thing is put on for atheists. It’s an atheist belief, but we also have a politics to Satanism. We don’t take shit. We don’t turn the other cheek. We’re for vengeance and justice. It’s about doing what you want and making your own rules.”

Nudged a bit more to talk on the subject and whether he sees America as a satanic nation he says, “I don’t think all Americans are Satanists. I think most Americans are not in nature. They are very weak people. They are followers. They are sheep. I think the principle our forefathers laid down was satanic. Our forefathers had a very satanic mindset. The constitution and the American dream and the foundation we live off of is quite satanic.

“Satanists are achievers,” Shane continued. “They’re different. They’re one percent-ers. The country is below them. But there’s another evil. A true dark force that is looking to control the people. They do it through religion, booze and other shit like that.”

And where do the McDonald’s, Wal-Mart’s and United States government fall on the satanic scale?

“Our corporate culture is very satanic,” Shane said. “So is our government. George Bush is very satanic.”

And he wonders why a small conservative place out in the woods threw him out of town. Lock up your children, the beast is loose.

- CCF, February 2007

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